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A Fall Boho Wedding in Northwest Ohio

Featured Wedding: Allison & Matthew

October 16, 2022

How They Met

Matthew and Allison met on a Christian dating app called United Young.

The Proposal

Matthew proposed to Allison at the Garden of Roses in Columbus Ohio on her birthday. They went out to dinner that night and Matthew asked the waiter at the restaurant if he could have one of their cloth napkins to use as a blind fold so Allison would not see where they were going after dinner. Matthew lead Allison with a blindfold to the spot where he proposed.

First Touch

Allison and Matthew opted to do a first touch and pray together prior to their ceremony.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was such a special and faith-filled ceremony that perfectly reflected Allison and Matthews relationship.

Why They Chose Arlington Acres

“We chose Arlington Acres because of the beautiful barn venue and gorgeous landscape of the farm! It was exactly what we were looking for and we loved that it was so flexible and allowed us to really stay within our budget since we had quite a bit of freedom to do what we wanted vendor wise!” ~ Allison

Their Advice for Future Couples

Pick 3-5 things that are most important to you and budget the most for those and let everything else work itself out! We were given this advice and it really helped us decide what we were willing to spend the most on versus what we decided not to spend as much on based off of what was most important to us!

Kind Words

“Arlington Acres was hands down the most BEAUTIFUL venue!!! We could not recommend them enough to anyone looking for a low cost, more do it yourself venue!! Sarah was absolutely incredible to work with and provided such detailed documents to help with the planning process. This venue allowed us to have a ton of freedom with vendors which helped us to stay within our budget! Our friends and family absolutely loved the venue as well! The property was absolutely stunning for fall pictures! If you’re looking for a barn venue THIS IS IT!!! I would recommend Arlington Acres to anyone.” ~ Allison

Just married couple at golden hour

The Wedding Details

This serene Sunday wedding in October was beautifully boho. Airbrush Beauty helped the girls prep for the day. Decor was provided by Party Dreams Mercer County and executed by Collins Event Collectives. Dinner was served by AJ’s Weddings Plus with a cake baked by On Point Bakery. They danced the night away with T-Town DJ. Allison and Matthews's big day was photographed by Carlos Manuel Stoner Photography and captured on video by KC Photo + Film.

The Vendor Team

Bar Service: AJ's Weddings Plus

Make up: Airbrush Beauty

Photographer: Carlos Manuel Stoner

Videographer: KC Photo + Film


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