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One of our most frequently asked questions is about venue measurements, so we thought it would be easiest to put them all in one place for you here. 

Guest Tables

Thirty-two, 60 inch round tables are available for your use.  If you want your tablecloths to reach the floor, choose 120 inch round tablecloths. Each table seats 8 guests. 

Cocktail Tables

Ten, 32 inch round tables are available for your use.  They are 43 inches tall.  We suggest getting extra tablecloths the same size as the guest tables and tying the extra back with a a pretty ribbon.  These tables are ideal for the guest book or memory table if you do not plan on using them for cocktail hour.

Service Tables

Twenty, 6 foot long rectangular tables are available for your head table, buffet tables, DJ, gift table, etc.  You will also need tableclothes for these, if you want your tablecloths to reach the floor, choose 90 inch x 132 inch rectangle tablecloths.


For head tables seating 8 - 12, we recommend the use of three or four tables.  For 12 - 16 guests at your head table we recommend using four or five rectangle tables.  In most situations we recommend using three rectangle tables for your buffet. 

Farmhouse Table

We have one wooden chestnut farmhouse table that can be used as a sweetheart table or cake, gift, memory table. It is 40 inches wide by 72 inches long and 30 inches tall with 3.5 inch square legs.

Wooden Spool

We have one rustic wooden spool, it is approximately 35.5in wide and 27.5 tall. It is most often used for wedding ceremonies, but occasionally is used as a cake table or memory table. 

Wooden Barrels

We have 4 wooden barrels, they measure 20 inches across the top. Most frequently they are used at the end of the ceremony aisle for programs or floral arrangements.


Our large cedar arbor is available to use for the ceremony. It is 7.5ft wide (91inches) and roughly 8ft tall (100 inches) and 3ft deep. The top crossbeam is a little wider than the base, it is 8ft (96in) wide.

Folding White & Mahogany Wedding Chairs

The upgraded white wedding chairs at Arlington Acres are standard size. The height of the chair is 31 inches tall. They are rated for 1200lbs.

Building - Historic Barn

The primary open area of the old barn (the section with the highest ceiling height) is 60 foot wide by 40 foot long. 

Historic Barn Loft

The loft is 20 foot wide by 40 foot long.

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