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A Wedding for Friends... While Under Construction!

Ben & Taylor

June 26, 2020

bridal portrait
Photo Credit: Ambria Photography

The Story

Like our first wedding in 2019, our second wedding in 2020 has quite the story behind it (and not just because it was 2020!).

Ben was John's college roommate and Taylor one of Sarah's good friends from college. In the summer of 2018 we had a get together with friends and John decided to set Ben and Taylor up with the use of a small white lie... he told Ben that Taylor was interested and then he told Taylor that Ben was interested. Neither one of them had confided any interest in the other to him, but regardless the spark was kindled and before long they were dating and then got engaged right around the time we decided to start Arlington Acres.

They decided to set their date for June 26, 2020 at Arlington Acres.

Then 2020 happened...

No one could have predicted all of the challenges 2020 was going to bring.

We actually try to look at the positives of quarantine, because were were able to take advantage of the extra time at home and us it time to re-do the foundation of the barn and finish the lower level.

However, even with that extra time, COVID threw a twist in our plans and put us significantly behind schedule on construction.

Ben and Taylor were such troopers. They came as many weekends as they were able to that spring to help us work to get everything done, or at least done enough so that they could still have their wedding in June.

By the time June 26th arrived we had functional restrooms downstairs and the upstairs was complete but that was about it. We still had lots to do.

The Big Day

When the day arrived it was absolutely wonderful. They really had the most beautiful day. Taylor had thought of all the little details and everything just came together like it was meant to be.

Ben and Taylor did a First Look and their photos are so sweet!

After the first look Ben and Taylor took the majority of their photos prior to the ceremony to keep their day flowing smoothly.

The Ceremony

Ben's Uncle oversaw a lovely ceremony and the breeze kept everyone cool.

The Reception

Taylor nailed all the details. From the beautiful cake made by a family friend, to the table centerpieces (FYI the candles were never lit! They were decorative, as we do not allow flame in the barn), and the chalkboard art. Everything was stunning.

To be honest, photos really don't do justice to what a great day it was.

The Team

Photographer: Ambria Photography

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