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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Ohio

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding in Ohio? Look no further!

Arlington Acres is a family farm and historic barn wedding venue in Northwest Ohio with the perfect blend of of rustic charm in the old barn, modern clean white lines in the pavilion and two picturesque outdoor locations. Any of our spaces can be used for a ceremony or reception so we're confident you'll be able to personalize and use our spaces for the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues

If you are looking for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Ohio we have two entirely outdoor spaces that fit the bill and two covered spaces. Would you prefer trees or rolling fields? Grass or a paved surface? A clean white backdrop or rustic barn wood? We have them all!

The Lawn by the Silo

The lawn by the silo is our original ceremony site, with a backdrop of fields and trees it is stunning in all seasons! This location allows a grand ceremony entrance out the french doors on the side of the barn.

The Patio

Our patio is brand new for 2023 weddings and provides a hard surface (no mud!) for those wet spring or fall days. Overlooking our rolling back field we're excited to see outdoor ceremonies in this space moving forward!

The Historic Barn

The historic barn is most commonly used for receptions but is occasionally used for ceremonies as well. The original rustic barn beams combined with the elegance of the chandeliers lends itself to a beautiful ceremony. The barn is a great semi-enclosed option for a windy or rainy day.

The White Pavilion

The white pavilion is new in 2023. If you are looking for a modern, clean, white vibe this space is for you! With multiple ways a ceremony can be set up the options are unlimited and can be truly personal to you and your vision for the day. This space also can be fully enclosed in the case of inclement weather.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Venues

If you are looking for an outdoor reception most of our spaces can also be converted for a wedding reception.

The Historic Barn

The historic barn is our original reception space. With capacity for 180 seated for a reception and a permanent bar this space is perfect for small to mid-size weddings and brings an old world charm and authenticity to your wedding. It is stunning all on its own and requires very little in the way of decor. The entire side of the barn opens up providing great air flow, farm views and a relaxed vibe for your guests.

The White Pavilion

The white pavilion is perfect for larger weddings with capacity for 250 guests. With a white farmhouse look and clean modern lines it connects to the patio to allow your guests to spread out. This space is the best option for those hot July/August days as it is always shaded and great air flow.

The Patio

Envisioning a reception under the stars and twinkle lights? The patio may be the perfect option for you (weather permitting).

5 Tips for Outdoor Weddings in Ohio

Over the year's we've seen it all here at Arlington Acres. Here are some of our best tips!

1. Have a back up plan

Ohio weather is notoriously ever-changing. Whether it be an unexpected fall heatwave or a torrential downpour you need a venue with a good back up plan and a team experienced enough to seamless make changes.

At Arlington Acres you don't have to worry about a rainy day, with our multiple indoor spaces we ensure that no matter the weather you are able to have a beautiful (and dry) wedding ceremony for the comfort of you and your guests.

2. Choose your date accordingly

Here's what you need to know about picking a date for an outdoor wedding in northwest Ohio.

  • January-April are very cold here in Ohio and we do not recommend an outdoor wedding during these months.

  • May can sometimes be chilly and rainy but just as often can be hot and steamy

  • June is generally pretty ideal for outdoor weddings in Ohio

  • July and August can get pretty hot. For warmer months, we recommend a later ceremony during the cooler portion of the day. You could also bring in fun ways to cool your guests down like an ice cream truck!

  • September and October are the most popular months for outdoor weddings in Ohio. September almost always has ideal weather. October can get chilly so we recommend using patio heaters to keep your guests warm.

  • November and December are very cold here in Ohio, and we do not recommend an outdoor wedding during these months.

3. Communicate with your guests

Tell your guests that your wedding will be outdoors so they can dress accordingly!

If you are having your wedding in a cooler months consider allowing guests to dress "farm casual" in flannels and jeans or if you want to keep it classy, encourage them to wear warm formal attire.

Other ways to keep your guests warm in colder weather could be having a hot chocolate or cider bar and giving blankets as favors!

For warmer months consider ceremony programs that double as fans or bringing in an ice cream truck for dessert to help your guests cool down! Additionally, we recommend having your ceremony later in the day when it is more likely to be a bit cooler.

4. Consider Catering

If you plan on having an outdoor wedding in Ohio without a structured venue be sure to check with your caterer. Some caterers will not take on weddings without a catering prep space at the venue. Here at Arlington Acres, we have a large designated prep kitchen that connects to our reception spaces.

5. Make sure you have restrooms

When planning an outdoor wedding, it is imperative you consider restrooms at the beginning of the planning process. While trailer restrooms are available for rent they are often expensive and significantly add to your overall budget.

Choosing a venue with onsite permanent restrooms makes your life easier and your guests happier!

If you are looking for a stunning outdoor wedding venue in Ohio, Arlington Acres is the wedding venue for you. It is our greatest honor to share the charm of our family farm with couples on their special day.

Our prime wedding dates book quickly, so don't wait! Schedule your tour by filling out our contact form here today.

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