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An Arlington Acres Love Story: First Met... Got Engaged... and Married at Arlington Acres

Updated: May 3, 2023

Featured Wedding: Hannah and Cole

August 27, 2022

Bride and groom in field in front of Arlington Acres
Bride and groom in field in front of Arlington Acres

The Love Story

In late June 2020, Hannah traveled up to Tiffin to help us (John and Sarah) with the first wedding of the year at Arlington Acres (read more about that wedding here). Both John and Sarah (more about us here) were in the bridal party for the wedding and had asked Hannah (Sarah's sister) to help make sure things ran smoothy and help out when needed.

Early Saturday morning before the wedding, Hannah needed help from the groomsmen moving old whiskey barrels outside for the outdoor wedding ceremony. Cole, one of the groomsmen, immediately stepped up to help.

Later in the evening when dancing during the wedding reception began, Cole came up to Hannah and asked her to dance. However, Hannah had a few more tasks she had to get done for the bride, so she told him maybe later. After some persistence he finally convinced her to dance with him and the rest is history!


Since Hannah and Cole met in the barn, when it came time to propose Cole thought it would be perfect if he could propose in the barn. After some scheming he and Sarah came up with a plan to get Hannah to the barn for the proposal... and no surprise, she said yes!

The Dilemma...

Hannah and Cole had met in the barn and got engaged in the barn and thought it would be perfect for their love story to get married at the barn as well. When they started putting their guest list together they quickly realized they were well over the capacity of the barn (at the time it was 180).

We had plans to expand the barn in the next several years but after discussing it further decided to move up our renovation plans so that Hannah and Cole could get married at the barn.


For context, Hannah and Cole got engaged at the end of January in 2022. They didn't decide to have their wedding at Arlington Acres until late February 2022 and set their date for August 27, 2022.

That gave us roughly 6 months to completely renovate the space.

There were a lot of long nights but the family pulled together and somehow we got it finished in the nick of time.

The Wedding Day

First Touch

Hannah and Cole chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony and instead opted for a first touch while they read love notes to each other. It was so sweet!

Having a first touch also allowed them to get some more "couple" photos prior to their ceremony since they had opted not to see each other.

The Ceremony

Hannah and Cole got married at St. Mary’s church in Tiffin just a few minutes from Arlington Acres.

Following the wedding ceremony Hannah and Cole drove off in a friends orange corvette for a fun ceremony exit!

After the ceremony guests went back to Arlington Acres and enjoyed cocktail hour while Hannah and Cole took photos.

The Bridal Party

Hannah chose dusty rose bridesmaids dresses set off by bouquets of colorful wildflowers. The groomsmen kept it classic in black tuxes.

Cole loves history and bought all of his groomsmen swords as a gift so they could take an epic photo.

The Reception

Dinner was held in the new portion of the barn, officially dubbed "the white pavilion" and then dancing moved into the historic barn after dinner. Guests loved spreading out across the barnyard and the whole evening had such a relaxed vibe.

Fun Touches

Hannah and Cole both share a deep love for ice cream (even though Cole is lactose intolerant!) so they ended the evening with an ice cream truck for dessert!

Hannah grew all the flowers for the centerpieces and for sunset portraits they snuck over to the flower patch for some stunning golden hour photos!

The Wedding Details

This whimsical summer wedding is full of the fun details. Studio West helped the girls prep for the day. Florals were designed by Rose Leaf Flowers. Dinner was served by AJ's Weddings Plus with a cake from Whole Foods, cookies from Rachel's House Catering and Mark's Homemade Ice Cream. Toast and Beyond Entertainment kept them dancing all night long! Hannah and Cole's big day was captured by Transparency Photography and Cornerstone Creations.

The Vendor Team

Ice Cream Truck: Mark's Homemade Ice Cream

Officiant: St. Mary's Church

Suits: Ticknors

Videographer: Cornerstone Creations


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